Learn more about the Future of Law Enforcement’s game at NACON Connect

ACAB stands for All Cops are Bastards. It?s a sentiment that has been stirring in America due the increase of high profile policing incidents. However for me, I refuse to believe they are all bastards because of one shining beacon of policing. Officer Alex Murphy of the Old Detroit Police Force, who not only gave his life in the line of duty, but continues to enforce the law as part man, part machine, all cop?the Future of Law Enforcement, ROBOCOP.

I?m not sure what was the point of that introduction, but I know we?re gonna be getting some details on the new Robocop title that is being published by NACON when the company hosts it?s own Direct-style event on March 9 (See Nintendo, this is how you give a proper heads up on your programming?not this 24 hour notice nonsense!). Robocop will be one of several titles to be covered in this digital showcase. The publisher hopes to release over 25 titles in 2023 and some of the titles covered in this program will include TT3: Ride on the Edge, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Gangs of Sherwood, Ravenswatch and of course RoboCop: Rogue City.

So if any of these titles pique your interest you can visit the company?s YouTube and Twitch channels on March 9th at 10am PST/1pm EST to catch the NACON Connect Direct.