Take revenge or another path…on the go as SIFU arrives on the Switch

Sloclap?s sophomore outing will no doubt be on many outlets? Game of the Year lists, but why not run up the score by debuting on yet another platform before the year?s end to get on websites that cover Nintendo platforms exclusively. Sifu, the action packed title which has already sold over 1 million units debuts is available digitally and physically on the Switch, November 8th.

The new physical edition dubbed the ?Redemption Edition? will feature extras such as a Steelbook case, a detailed figure of the male version of the protagonist, a 160 page artbook, a set of lithographs and perhaps the one item I sought since the game launched, a replica of Tenacity pedant (The magical artifact which helps the protagonist recover from grievous injury?but with a cost). The pendant was previously only available as a care package to influencers, so show your fandom by clipping it on your belt loop, but don?t dive head first into any conflicts thinking it will protect you.

For the uninitiated, SIFU tells the tale of a young person who after the witnessed the murder of their father decades ago, finally enacts their plan to seek vengeance against the cadre responsible. Sloclap who already proved their combat mettle with Absolver, but somehow even further refined their combat to create an utterly satisfying gameplay and crafted a tale that would be comparable to a Hollywood action film. So it?s great that those who don?t have access to Steam Deck can finally enjoy the title on the go. I think my only misgiving besides the possible performance downgrade is the lack of a Mario skin (come on?slipping Mario and friends into the Nintendo port is practically a rite of passage), but given the developer?s update cadence on the title..perhaps there?s still hope. Sifu on the Switch is available now digitally via the eShop and physically at select retailers.

Sifu | Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch:

Sifu | Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch

Sifu developer and publisher Sloclap revealed in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct that the game of the year contender is making a long-awaited trip to the Nintendo Switch on 8 November 2022.

Sifu is available for pre-orders with a special free DLC bonus on the Nintendo Shop https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/sifu-switch/

Sifu places players in the shoes of a Pak Mei Kung-Fu student who has spent their life training for a day of reckoning after the brutal murder of their entire family by a mysterious assassination squad. With just one day and countless enemies in their way, players must beat insurmountable odds and defeat members of the powerful organization to claim revenge. However, on such a quest for vengeance, time is the price paid. With a magical talisman to revive players after death, defeat doesn?t spell the end. Though the student always gets back, the cost of magic is dear, however, and they will age significantly every time they come back to life.

Following its debut on PlayStation consoles and PC in February, Sifu was hailed as one of 2022?s early GOTY contenders surpassing more than one million copies sold in its first three weeks and garnering critical acclaim. Sloclap?s support of Sifu has been extensive, with two updates having launched throughout this year that added difficulty modes, a long list of exciting gameplay modifiers, new outfits and more. All update content added to Sifu to date will be available to players on Switch upon launch.