Konami reveals their Yu-Gi-Oh Holiday 2022 slate

It?s time to duel this holiday season as Konami has details about their next three blockbuster releases for the holidays. The lineup includes the following, Magnificent Mavens, the holiday box set which was released last week (11/4). This week will see the release of Crystal Beast Expansion: Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge (11/18), and the finally Dark World Structure Deck (12/2) caps off this holiday blitz. These products are a welcomed addition to arsenal of new & season duelists alike.

The first of the holiday releases is Magnificent Mavens. This set was released on November 4th and comes with new support for players who utilize theme decks such as Sky Strikers, Witchcrafter and Mayakshi. If you were a fan of Power of Elements and you use Tearlaments decks, you will be happy to know that Magnificent Mavens comes with support for those decks as well. This set will also be introducing new cards inspired by Ishizu Ishtar from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. So Terelements players prepare to have your decks fortified.

Another aspect of Magnificent Mavens is it is a set with 103 Ultra Rare cards. Including reprints of older fan favorite cards, six of those cards include new ?Hieroglyphic Pharaoh rare cards. 12 popular reprints will be joining those 6 in the new pharaoh’s rarity, which was introduced last year in the King?s Court Booster set. This will be the 2nd time the Pharaoh rarity will be used in a set . Coated with a beautiful Egyptian Hieroglyphic foilboard, collectors will surely be on the lookout for those variants. Each box of Magnificent Mavens includes a pack of card sleeves. It is random and you will get one of the 6 different designs. A Magnificent Mavens Box contains 4 booster packs with 5 Ultra Rare cards each. You will have 70 sleeves for your main,extra & side decks. The price for one box is a MSRP of $24.99 and is now available.

The second of the releases is the highly anticipated Battle of Legend: Crystal Revenge. This set should have a little something for every generation of Yu-Gi-Oh duelists. The follow up to September?s Structure deck: Legend Of The Crystal Beast, every era of the card game will be supported. We will also see the debut of the much anticipated Advanced Crystal Beast. The follow up to one of the most fan favorite meta?s in the games history. Crystal Beast allows you to control the pace of play, getting you what card you want, when you want it. The Advance Crystal Beast will each hold special effects that should help you buff, special summon, negate effects and allow you to attack opponents directly. These are not the only things you?ll find in this set. A new boss monster by the name of Royal Straight Slasher makes its debut. You can special summon it and absolutely decimate your opponent?s monsters just by discarding cards. When it?s destroyed, you can instantly special summon 3 light warriors to take its place and put in some work.

This set will also contain support for the Earth Ignis deck, popularized in the Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS animated series. This set will also come with support for tournament ready decks, including Accesscode Talker. This link summon Monster will have your side of the field looking like the ending battle scene of Avengers End Game. This set will also contain a reprint of my person favorite toon card: ?Toon Black Luster Soldier?, as well as more support for Blackwing decks. The set is slated for release on Friday November 18. Each 5-card pack contains 4 Ultra Rares and 1 Secret Rare and will come with 24 packs per box.

The final release for the holiday season will be the Structure Deck: Dark World set, which will be released on 12/2. This premade deck, headed by Grapha, Dragon Overlord of Dark World will hijack your opponents effects and cost devastation to your opponent’s life points. The fusion summon of Grapha, Dragon Overlord and any dark monster will have your opponent struggling to see in the dark, turning their most important strategies into discard fest. When Grapha leaves the field of play, your opponent will be forced to face off against the two monsters that created him, leaving your opponent looking for answers.

The second boss card, Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World has returned with a brand new look as well. Special summoning Reign-Beaux by discarding a low Dark world monster special summons this new RBRODW and will also let you retrieve a Level 5 Dark World monster from your deck and if it?s discarded by opponents card effect, you?ll be able to summon Level 4 Dark World monsters from your deck or graveyard. Again, covering your field in darkness.

There will be new support for Dark World cards as well as some returning favorites including a Level 4 monster that adds The Gates of Dark World Field Spell to your hand, and a Level 1 monster that can Special Summon up to two Dark World monsters. New support Spell Cards and traps will strengthen your deck. You will banish cards from your opponent’s Graveyard, and Fusion Summon Fiends like the new Grapha DODW!

Structure Deck: Dark World is slated for release on December 2. Each Structure Deck will include: 37 Common cards, 3 Super Rares, 5 Ultra Rares, and 1 Double-sided Game Mat & Dueling Guide/rulebook. Dark World will retail for $11.99 per box.