HoyoVerse share their players? #ENDLESSJOURNEY in a new ad campaign

Genshin Impact has well?made quite the impact in the two years of the game?s existence, garnering quite the large player base worldwide and netting developer HoyoVerse quite the impressive earnings. As the game?s 2nd anniversary approached, the developer asked players who are members of their HoyoLab social media platform to recall their memories of traveling the wondrous world of Teyvat in the last two years. Many obliged and prizes were reaped and today we learned why HoyoVerse was collecting these recollections.

These player submissions will be used to promote the title on billboards (both traditional and electronic) around the world. In a trailer for the ad campaign, we see these stories at shopping malls, bus stops and train stations (including what appears to be the 34th st Hudson Yards station in New York City). Player IDs have been redacted, but their sentiments will be shared with the public at large. I will hopefully see the campaign in person as this week I will be attending New York Comic Con where Genshin Impact N.A. Tour 2022 will be present and what stop will I need to get off to get to my destination? The 34th St. and Hudson Yards station on the 7 train line?will I see an #ENDLESSJOURNEY entry of my own, absolutely not since I forgot to submit one, but perhaps I?ll see yours?

Genshin Impact Player Stories photos:

#ENDLESSJOURNEY Player Stories Global Advertising Campaign Documentary:

#ENDLESSJOURNEY Player Stories Global Advertising Campaign Documentary

The #ENDLESSJOURNEY Player Stories Global Advertising Campaign Documentary is now available!

Over the past two years, we’ve had countless players share with us their unforgettable memories of Genshin Impact on various occasions!

After obtaining their consent, we decided to share some of the players’ stories with fellow Travelers in a number of countries and regions worldwide!

Thank you for your support and love of Genshin Impact in the past two years.

May this journey never end!

See more photos of the advertising campaign: https://hoyo.link/70MJBBAd