Victrix drops two new premium fight sticks for pre-order on the eve of EVO

If you were watching any of the awards ceremony at this year?s Evolution Championship series tournament, you?ll notice each top 3 finisher had their hands full with a crystal plaque and a golden fight stick with the logo of the game etched on its surface. The former was the award from the tournament, the latter was a prize from tournament sponsor Victrix. A subsidiary of PDP, Victrix chose the super bowl of fighting games to debut the latest sticks in its line of gaming peripherals.

Available in a regal purple and a pristine white, the PRO-FS sticks also come with a standard joystick or 4 arcade buttons which mimic the ?Hitbox? style which has seen a rise in popularity. Each stick features Sanwa Denshi parts, an aluminum shell, superior ergonomics with its 6.28 degree slope, easy access to the internal parts for modifications or repair and compatibility with PC and the PlayStation platform. The stick is currently available for pre-order at $399.99 on the company?s website with an estimated ship date of Q3/Q4 2022.

Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 Pre-Order Launch:

Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 Pre-Order Launch

Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 shots:

Two ways to fight, one way to win! Introducing the NEW Victrix Pro FS-12 and the updated Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick for PlayStation 5! Early pre-orders available starting today: