Celebrate 30 years of Sonic by taking a spin in the Bean Hill Zone in Fall Guys

He might be nearly 30, but there?s still plenty left in the tank of SEGA?s blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog. Once again he ran so fast that he sped back to Mediatonic?s Fall Guys. That?s right Sonic and friends will be available as costumes in the now free to play frantic game show game.

For those who missed the hedgehog and frenemy Knuckles the Echidna in the legacy version of the game, they?re back and will be joined by Tails ?Miles? Prower, Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Super Sonic as costumes you can outfit your bean. These costumes will likely cost show bucks (the paid currency) in the game?s in-game store and will be available for a limited amount of time.

Short on show bucks, but still want to get some Sonic gear? Well test your skills in the new Bean Hill Zone, which will task you to collect rings while traversing the course with plenty of obstacles hoping to free you from your collected rings. This temporary game type will be available between August 11th to the 15th. Complete objectives, earn points and collect the following prizes.

  • ?Bean Hill Zone? Nameplate – 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos – 400 Points
  • Bonus Rings Pattern Outfit – 600 Points
  • 400 Kudos – 800 Points
  • Sonic Sneakers – 1000 Points

As someone who?s been playing since the beta (I really need to bust out the crash test dummy outfit), these temp events spice things up and was even a vector for me accomplishing what I thought would never happen, the illustrious 5 wins in a row which grants The infallible Achievement/Trophy).

I look forward to chasing that crown with 59 other Knuckles. Fall Guys, which is still in its first season after going free to play, is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and your save will carry over to all the platforms (sans Steam) as long as you have an Epic Games Store account linked.