More games coming to Let’s Play! Oink Games!

Japanese board game developer Oink Games is not done adding to the digital compilation of the firm?s most popular games as they announced today two more titles will be added to Let?s Play! Oink Games!

One will be free and the second one will be a paid add-on. Coming out in Fall and for free is Fafnir. A game where you throw away gems in hopes of procuring freshly laid gems from a chicken named Fafnir, hoping your newly acquired gems are more valuable than the ones cast away.

The Winter 2022 release was nominated for the 2022 Spiel des Jahres, I guess it makes sense they can?t just give that away?is Scout. Create the greatest show on earth as you build your own circus troupe. Will you be satisfied with the crew you have or will lure away performers from a rival troupe to hinder theirs and boost yours?

No price has been set for the digital version of Scout, but it will probably cost less than the physical version ($21 USD). Let?s Play! Oink Games is already packed to the brim with fantastic titles such as Deep Sea Adventure, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Moon Adventure, Startups and more. It?s currently available on the Switch eShop as well as Steam.