Indie World Showcase wrap-up for 5/11/2022

With less than a day?s notice Nintendo fans were made aware of a new edition of Indie World. In typical fashion, fans speculated what was and wasn?t going to be seen and the title mentioned the most was Team Cherry?s Hollow Knight: Silksong. Starting at 10am on May 11th 2022, with a runtime of roughly 20 minutes, which faction will be disappointed, let?s find out.

Right off the bat, the first title showcased was a title that has already been available as an early access title for nearly 2 years. Glumberland?s creature collecting, farming simulator Ooblets will exit early access and launch on Switch sometime Summer 2022. Team17?s Batora: Lost Haven tasks you to save the planet in this action RPG which features hack n? slash combat as well as twin stick shooting. Next NamaTakashashi brings his positively charged puzzle platformer Elechead. Originally a prototype developed while he was in school, he has taken the concept and fleshed it out post graduation with this title being the result. It will plug into the Nintendo Switch this Summer.


Noodlecake (great name for a studio, but perhaps my hunger is giving the name a couple extra points) and Drastic Games managed to mash two disparate genres into something appetizing. One part looter shooter, one part rhythm game Soundfall has you defending the world of Symphonia as one of five musical guardians each with their own unique weapon and playstyle. Firing to the beat will amplify your shot?s power and with over 500 pieces of loot your musical guardian will probably be unique to you. You won?t have to wait to get a taste as the game is available now.

We are in the thick of spring so why not remind people of the harsh realities of Winter? Wildfrost from Deadpan Games has you trying to stave off an eternal winter in this roguelike deckbuilder. Spend your spoils by expanding your town to gain access to new cards and missions. In keeping with it?s wintery theme, the title will be available sometime during the 2022 holiday season. Another title which has been available on other platforms finally arrives on the Nintendo Switch. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will have you skirmishing against enemy armies on the go. Wobble your way to victory this summer in combat where it almost feels like luck trumps strategy.


Between Demon Throttle and their newly announced Gunbrella, I?m starting to suspect the boys at Doinksoft has tough guys on the mind. The titular Gunbrella is your only hope at completing your revenge. Jump, swing, glide and shoot your way until those who have wronged you have paid the price when this title releases in 2023. While we haven?t heard from them since last October?s State of Play, it seems We are OFK will also be coming to Nintendo Switch. Go on a journey of the creation of a new pop act as the game will release weekly this Summer. Explore the unknown depths in Silt, a hand-drawn underwater puzzle-adventure game. When your body cannot get the job done, possess a variety of sea creatures to clear any obstructions in your path. Silt will breach in June 2022.


Traffic sucks and the team at Dinosaur Polo Club would be inclined to agree. So put on your civil engineering hat and alleviate road congestion in Mini Motorways available now. Wayward Strand will probably win the most unique setting for this Indie Direct. Taking place in the 1970s Australia, you?ll be playing as a young reporter Casey as she explores and discovers the stories found within a flying hospital. You won?t be able to discover everything in one playthrough, but with enough patience you?ll reveal the truth behind this odd healthcare facility. This one will be available on July 21.  Cute, but dark is the best way to describe Massive Monster?s Cult of the Lamb. Spared from Death by a trapped deity, you must repay your debt to them by building a following, defeating their enemies and eventually setting them free. Surely an easy task. If this is your calling, you can join the flock when this title comes out sometime in 2022.

Failing to make it rich with their last title Going Under, Aggro Crab is trying again with their (in their words) ?shellslike?, Another Crab?s Treasure. Take on all sorts of sea life big and small (although it seems most of them are bigger than you) as you assume the role of Kril the hermit crab, who has to embark on a quest to buy back your repossessed shell. Over 50 types of trash can serve as a temporary shell and you can see them all when this game comes out in 2023.

Another Crab?s Treasure
Another Crab?s Treasure

The last segment of this Indie Direct will be a montage, surely Nintendo wouldn?t stick Hollow Knight: Silksong there? Here?s the list of games and their release windows!

  • OneShot: World Machine Edition – Dangen Entertainment/Future Cat LLC (Summer 2022)
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Broken Rules (Available Now)
  • Idol Manager – Playism/Glitch Pitch (August 25th, 2022)
  • Card Shark – Devolver Digital/Nerial (June 2nd, 2022)
  • Cursed to Golf – Thunderful/Chuchai Labs (Summer 2022)
  • A Guidebook of Babel – Pixmain/StarryStarry (Autumn 2022)
  • OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition – SIGONO (Available Now)

Indie World Showcase ? 11/05/2022 (Nintendo Switch):

Indie World Showcase – 11/05/2022 (Nintendo Switch)

So that?s it, no news from Team Cherry, but hey there?s a game where you swing around as a monkey, and you?ll be able to play golf for a chance for reincarnation. Besides, surely there?s plenty of Metroidvanias you can play while you wait for updates. Until then there?s always next time.