Epic Fall Guys announcement revealed: multiplatform Free to Play coming June 21st

Fall Guys captured the hearts and minds of players when it was released on PlayStation 4 and PC over two years ago. Bolstered by the fact that it was included as a free title on Sony?s PlayStation Plus it found an audience who persevered to race for the crown. The developer of the title, Mediatonic eventually was bought by Epic Games, but otherwise things remained relatively consistent. However today the fruits of that purchase were revealed. On June 21st the title will finally land on the Xbox platform, the Nintendo Switch, the Epic Game Store, a dedicated PS5 version, all the versions will offer crossplay, cross progression and it will go free to play.

That?s right, you won?t have to pay a dime to go for the crown, although your wardrobe will be quite lacking compared to the beans who?ve been at it since the start. The game will also switch over to a season pass system akin to epic stablemate Fortnite. Players will be able to purchase a premium season pass which will have at least 100 levels and plenty of in-game goods to earn. To reward players who have purchased the title prior to the switch to free to play, they will be offered a Legacy Pack which will offer 3 highly requested skin sets and the 1st Premium Season Pass.

We also got a glimpse of the game?s future as the new season one will see new events inspired by stadiums and events based on some of the IPs that have crossed over with the title. Speaking of IP crossovers, while we?re probably not gonna see too many Devolver Digital (The game?s pre-Epic publisher) skins, we will be getting an Assassin?s Creed crossover as well as another Godzilla crossover which will see the titular monster?s friends and foes join the chase for the crown. One more thing that we got a short preview of was the often asked for?event builder. That?s right somewhere down the line, you too can take a crack at creating those events that will separate the wheat from the chaff.

I managed to stay on the title until season 4, but it seems with this free to play push, I might be incentivized to return as the competition might be a little bit more green and my chances at netting crowns will get higher. Players who want to sign up for pre-registration can visit this site to net a bevy of in-game goods with more goods being handed out the more players sign up. The Free to Play version of Fall Guys will be available on June 21st. Will this move put it closer to it?s Epic Games brethren Fortnite and Rocket League?

Fall Guys Free for All Announcement Stream:

Fall Guys Free for All Announcement Stream

Fall Guys is going free on June 21, launching on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and the Epic Games Store!

From June 21, we?re welcoming more players than ever before to the Blunderdome to compete for the Crown – Whether you?re on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, the Epic Games Store  or a mix of all of the above, Fall Guys is going Free for All ?fully supporting cross-play, cross-platform parties and cross-progression with the use of your Epic Games Account.

To register your interest and learn more, head to fallguys.com/news/fall-guys-is-going-free-on-june-21-launching-on-playstation-nintendo-switch-xbox-and-the-epic-games-store