Saints Row gets an August 2022 release date, new gameplay trailer & details

Even though it was originally announced a couple of months ago… during The Game Awards festivities last night, Deep Silver dropped off a fresh new gameplay trailer for the reboot of the Saints Row series along with a release date and new game info.

Based on the footage in the trailer all of the crazy hijinks seem like they are in-tact, along with creative gameplay scenarios, gang showdowns, character customizations and way more.

Take a look below and stay tuned for quite a bit more Saints Row media and details between today and the August 23rd, 2022 release.

Saints Row ? Game Awards Gameplay Trailer:

SAINTS ROW – Game Awards Gameplay Trailer

Deep Silver yesterday officially revealed a brand-new Saints Row gameplay trailer at The Game Awards 2021. The new trailer provides a glimpse of the crew?s journey to Saint-dom, a sneak peek at the game’s in-depth customization features, and, of course, those heartwarming Saints Row moments that aren’t over-the-top-wild violent at all.

In Santo Ileso, you either have the power, or you’ll just have to take it. The Saints are on a path to dominating this city, and you’ll need to lead them up the criminal ladder as the Boss. The brand-new trailer serves up Saint-on-rival-faction action with just some of the ways you can face off against your rivals – from explosive weaponry and brand-new guns to up-close and personal takedowns through swift-kick melee assaults. You want more than just takedowns? We?ve also got high-speed action in boats, cars, aerial assaults, and, of course, chaos-inducing tanks.

In just two minutes The Saints show off:

  • New sandbox reveals including helicopter tether thefts.
  • New vehicles.
  • New combat ? Fresh takedowns, new weapons, dual wielding, and more.
  • New outfits and NPCs ? From the weird, to the wild, and the unfortunate Santo Ileso citizens caught up in the middle of the madness.
  • Story moments ? A little more about The Saints? rise to power.
  • And a whole lot of Saints Row DNA.
  • What a ride. Strap in, The Saints are coming for you on Aug. 23, 2022.

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