Back 4 Blood gets a fresh campaign trailer

With the release of Back 4 Blood sneaking up pretty quickly, Warner Bros. Games and developer Turtle Rock Studios have offered up a fresh new campaign trailer for the game which provides a nice glimpse at the story, characters and narrative.

There’s no serious spoilers or anything, but the latest footage definitely shows off what a potentially fun co-op experience WB Games has lined up for those interested in the game.

Check out the new Back 4 Blood trailer below, and stay tuned for the October 8th, 2021 release for consoles and the PC.

Back 4 Blood – Campaign Trailer:

Back 4 Blood - Campaign Trailer

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios today released a new Back 4 Blood trailer providing a glimpse into the narrative elements that will guide players through the high stakes campaign. Motivated by their fearless leader known as ?Mom,? who is used to bucking authority and has never shirked from a challenge, the Cleaners are a beacon of hope in humanity?s fight against the Devil Worm infested zombies. Mankind stands on the precipice of extinction against the infected hordes that now roam the earth. Only the Cleaners can hold back the tides of the infected and rally those willing to fight and reclaim what was theirs.