Russian Subway Dogs gets launch day trailer

While its sales figures would indicate that most people barely even knew the Vita existed, for a small group of people — myself included — today is a sad day on #VitaIsland: it’s the very last day that Sony is allowing new games to release on their handheld.

While not even I could pretend that the crop of games being released today are going to make much of an impact in the broader gaming world (and some are of very questionable quality — though I’ll be honest, I’m buying every single one of them that comes out today), there is one among them that stands out: Russian Subway Dogs.

The game has been in development for more than 5 years, and the developer’s Twitter account has been quite the wild ride as he raced to get his game completed before Sony stopped accepting new Vita games. Nonetheless, Russian Subway Dogs made it in just in time, and launch trailer is below. The game has been out on Steam for awhile, but the Vita version features some exclusive characters from games like Nuclear Throne and Minit, to go along with other unlockable guest stars from games like Guacamelee! and Va-11 Hall-A.

Read on for the trailer and the news release!

Russian Subway Dogs - Launch Trailer | PS Vita

Out today, Russian Subway Dogs is one of the final PlayStation Vita releases!

While the store isn?t closing, July 20th is the last date for any new ?PS Vita? releases and Spooky Squid Games? arcade eat?em up Russian Subway Dogs is one of the final games releasing for the console, and it?s coming with some exclusive new guest characters!

Why release a ?PS Vita? Game in 2021? Developer Miguel Sternberg explains: ?While probably not the soundest ?business decision™? this release has been a passion project of mine, a way to celebrate the last chapter of one of my favorite handhelds. It?s also been a long time coming, originally started as a side project back in 2015 and growing into something much larger over the years.?

A fast-paced arcade game inspired by the real-life stray dogs of the Moscow metro, Russian Subway Dogs has you stealing food, juggling vodka, cooking bears, and more while you attempt to keep yourself fed and aim for a high score. The game features both a lengthy campaign and pick-up-and-play arcade modes.

  • Play as your fave critters from popular indie games.
  • Lush pixel art recreations of Moscow?s famously fancy subway stations.
  • Endless Arcade Mode with procedural difficulty that keeps each round fresh and challenging.
  • Travel station to station the Campaign with over 140 unique sub-goals.
  • Arcade simulation: cook food on hot-sauce fires, freeze fish in snow, and more!
  • Deep combo scoring system packed with secret bonuses to discover and exploit.

    Exclusive to the PS Vita (till 2022) are three new guest characters revealed today!

    Horror (Nuclear Throne), Minit Dog (Minit) and Sylvanos (Rivals of Aether) will be joining the game?s large roster of existing unlockable guest critters including Nidhogg, Rad Shiba (Va-11 Hall-A), Uay Chivo (Guacamelee!), Question Hound/aka This is Fine Dog (Gunshow) and several more!