Genshin Impact 2.1 is on the Horizon…Zero Dawn?

I can say I have barely set forth to Inazuma in Genshin Impact?s 2.0 update, but we already have details regarding the 2.1 update. Playstation players will be able to claim an exclusive 5 Star character for free and early after the 2.1 update. Players on other platforms will receive this collaboration character in the 2.2 update. The identity of this character is Aloy, which PlayStation and PC gamers know from Horizon Zero Dawn.

In Genshin Impact, she will be an archer with an elemental affinity to Cyro. In addition to the character, a special bow will be available early to PlayStation players, and to players on other platforms at a later update. In game events for this collaboration are planned but details will be released at a later date. For impatient players who want Aloy sooner than later, there is a pathway to quench their impatience, as version 2.0 enabled cross saves, so these players can download Genshin Impact on the PlayStation platform and load their existing save before the 2.1 update drops. As of today, there is no release date for update 2.1.

So now that Genshin Impact has opened the door to external collaborations, what franchises do you want to see crossovers from?