Claymates, Jelly Boy, Bombuzal join free Nintendo Switch Online library

Nintendo today revealed the next set of retro console titles in the queue to join the still growing Nintendo Switch Online free library for subscribers.

The new trio of games originate from the SNES era and include… Claymates, Jelly Boy and last but not least, Bombuzal.

See some screens and more info from Nintendo below!

Nintendo Switch Online – July 2021 screens:


On July 28, sparks are sure to fly when three additional Super NES games join the Nintendo Switch Online service. This array of quirky and combustible titles will give you the chance to rediscover some of gaming?s hidden gems.

With enough skill, a pack of plucky animal pals will become putty in your hands when Claymates arrives to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System ? Nintendo Switch Online library. Also joining the Super NES library is Jelly Boy, a puzzle-platformer which originally launched exclusively in Europe, and will now be available for the first time in the U.S. Rounding out this month?s upcoming batch of games with a bang is Bombuzal, a strategic puzzle game with a few mind-blowing twists.

With these additions ? filled with clay-powered pals, shape-shifting candy and deadly detonations ? a Nintendo Switch Online membership now grants instant access to 107 NES and Super NES games, including classics like Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The Nintendo Switch Online game libraries run the gamut of cult hits, touchstone fan favorites and U.S. debuts of notable titles from the classic era of gaming.

Read on for additional details about the games arriving this month:

Super NES

  • Claymates ? Take on the role of Clayton, son of Professor Putty. Your father has made a breakthrough, and with the serum he?s created, living creatures can be turned into clay! You will face many dangers, but you have the ability to transform into five different animals. You?ll need them all to run, jump, fly, swim and climb your way past the obstacles in your path.
  • Jelly Boy ? In this platforming game originally released exclusively in Europe in 1995, you are Jelly Boy, candy given the spark of life by the power of lightning. You?ve come to life knowing one thing: You have to escape the candy factory. To get out, you?ll need to collect puzzle pieces and survive the enemy heavies trying to stop you. You?re sure to need all your wits, skills and shape-changing powers to make it through this wacky adventure.
  • Bombuzal ? Strategically detonate every bomb in each level while leaving yourself a safe place to stand when the dust settles. In this puzzle game, you?ll have to be quick, because time is short. Just make sure you remember to take the size of each explosion into account, or it could blow a hole in all your careful planning. Good luck, and have a blast!

In addition to this versatile collection of classic games, a Nintendo Switch Online membership also grants you entry to the battle royale game PAC-MAN 99. After four decades of iconic gaming memories, PAC-MAN is back in the maze, ready to hunt down those ever-elusive ghosts. But this time, you?ll be competing against 98 fellow players to emerge as the last PAC-MAN standing. Featuring eight different selectable strategies to deploy on the fly, and the tantalizing promise of mounting a huge comeback when you eat a Ghost Train, PAC-MAN 99 delivers a blast from the past with modern thrills.