Save Farty review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: the binary family
Developer: the binary family
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

A little over a year ago, I reviewed a pretty forgettable trivia game called Knowledge Trainer: Trivia. How forgettable was it? So much so that if I didn?t have this link, I wouldn?t have even remembered ever playing it.

Save Farty is the newest game from the same developers, and I have to give them some credit. My criticism of Knowledge Trainer: Trivia was that it was wholly devoid of anything resembling a personality. Save Farty still isn?t a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but it?s got a bit of a personality, and because of that, it represents a step forward. Not a huge step forward, to be sure, but still enough of one that it deserves a bit of recognition.

As I said, though, it?s still not a very interesting game. The gist of it is that there?s a chicken — the titular Farty — and you have to keep answering trivia questions correctly or else he?s going to die in any number of creative ways. Since Farty is kind of cute, of course, you want to avoid seeing him get electrocuted, or frozen, or shot by arrows, or any of the other many, many violent ways he can meet his end.

It?s not a bad hook, but the problem is, the questions aren?t all that difficult. Moreover, they don?t seem to get any harder the further in you get, so you?re as likely to get one of the rare tough questions on the first question as you are on the twenty-first.

The other issue is that there?s not much to do here. There?s only one game mode, and it?s ?answer as many random questions as you can until you get one wrong,” which isn?t the sort of thing that keeps you coming back again and again. It?s a little interesting at first, but when you realize that?s all there is to Save Farty, it makes it hard to keep going back.

Again, to be totally fair, this is still a big step up from the last trivia game from these developers, so kudos to the binary company for making something a little more interesting this time out. But there?s still a massive gulf between ?mildly interesting” and ?worth playing”, and Save Farty is far, far too close to the former to be worth picking up.

the binary family provided us with a Save Farty Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: B-