Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Find Truth Beyond The Tale trailer is live

If you missed out on the Destiny 2 in-game live blackout event yesterday night, this is all you need to know. A few planets got consumed by the darkness and wiped off the map and The Traveler healed itself. So now Beyond Light begins, with a new Destiny 2 expansion launch, a new season of content, and a new trailer. And all it took was a traumatic event to make it all happen.

Check out the new trailer, and we’ll be sure to see you around Europa, Guardians. We’re super excited about the next-gen optimizations coming next month, but high quality backwards compatibility on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and free Game Pass launch isn’t bad for now.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Find Truth Beyond The Tale:

“None of us will ever escape the endless cyle of war between Light and Dark unless we look for truth beyond the tale.”

Both Guardians and the Fallen Eliksni have a deep history with the Light. Now with the Darkness’ inevitable return a conflict awaits on Europa.

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