Solos is now available in Call of Duty: Warzone

Even though Call of Duty: Warzone just seemingly launched, Activision is already rolling out fresh new features… in this case, the fan requested Solos mode.

As you can tell from the name, the new Solos feature drops players into the battlefield versus 149 others in what we assume will be a pretty intense game of survival.

See some screens and the announcement from the official blog with additional details on the update, below.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Solos screens:

For some Operators, three is a crowd; that?s where Solos, the newest mode in Call of Duty: Warzone, comes into play.

Solos is an option for players who are true mercenaries and only want to carry themselves across Verdansk. Only lone wolves need  apply; Solo games are the quintessential experience for the player who want the ultimate challenge ? all or nothing.

Here?s a quick breakdown of this new mode:

The Basics

In Solos, you drop into Verdansk alone with Battle Royale rules. That means no squadmates, no friends ? only you and a pistol with a few bullets. Think of this as Free-For-All in a traditional Call of Duty game, but on a massive scale.

As you loot, complete Contracts, and survive against up to 149 other players, the circle collapse will roll in just as it does in a normal Battle Royale. The Gulag will still welcome in prisoners of the Warzone, but if you die in that 1v1 Gunfight, forget any form of redeployment ? you?re out for good.

The last Operator standing wins.

Solo Strategy

Because you will have no squadmates to rely on or watch your back in Solos, every decision may determine life or death.

This begins while on the plane as you plan your infiltration. Watch the top right corner to see how many players dropped in, and keep your eyes peeled for where those red smoke trails fly over. If you?re looking for a fight, follow those trails. If not, try landing in more remote places to build your loadout before taking on other players.

When you hit the ground, intel becomes the most powerful weapon for survival. Along with paying attention to the Tac Map and Compass, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV. The last of these tools can be bought through Buy Stations, which are active during this mode.

Speaking of Buy Stations, you can also still buy Self-Revive Kits or find them in Verdansk. Keep this in mind when fighting other Operators; usually, they will instantly die after being reduced to zero health, but if they have a kit, they have the chance to jump back up and get their revenge. With that in mind, always ensure you have a confirmed kill before turning your attention towards the next firefight.

Finally, Solos is a great way to practice the fundamentals of Warzone. Solo games are a good option for players who want to train up on weapons, equipment, perks and map knowledge. With only your senses and your HUD to rely on, a Solos match can offer a trial-by-fire that can provide plenty of learning experiences for your future drops.

Ultimately, a win in Solos is because you ? and only you ? outlasted the competition. Drop into some Solos, prove yourself against the world? And celebrate the victories when they come.

Top 5 Tips for Solos

5. Going Solo? Intel is Your Best Teammate. Along with paying attention to the Tac Map and Compass, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV.

4. Same Gulag. Same Player Count. No Buybacks. You only have one life to live in Solos. Make it count, both in the Gulag and out in Verdansk.

3. Consider Picking Up Contracts. This especially goes for Recon Contracts, as in Solos, the station capture time is halved compared to other modes. Complete Contracts and get Cash to further build up your loadout at Buy Stations.

2. ? and Stay Down. Self-Revive Kits are in Solos. If it?s getting late into a game and you?re wary of an enemy after knocking them to zero health, double check that they are out for good before moving on.

1. Learn from Your Solos. While you may have less of a chance at winning Solos, take the lessons you learn into your next game with the squad. Who knows? A few Solos matches could be the difference between losing your next Battle Royale trios game and a hard-fought victory.

We?ll see you online.