Xbox Games Store Update – DreamBall, Rugby 20, The Office Quest, Iconoclasts

xbox_logoWith a relatively low profile set of new titles hitting the Xbox Games Store this past week, it should be easy to sort through them and find something suitable. Right?

New releases include DreamBall, Rugby 20, The Office Quest, Iconoclasts, Super Volley Blast, FoxyLand 2 and more!

There’s also this week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale. And as always, see all the latest and greatest releases here on the Xbox Games Store.

DreamBall is a fun sports game with Ragdoll physics set in dreams with one clear objective, try score more than your opponent before time’s up.

The Mosaic
You live a monotonous life in a cold city, with no real sense of meaning – until one crucial day, when strange things start to happen and everything changes. Mosaic is a dark and atmospheric adventure game.

Join renegade mechanic Robin and uncover the secrets of a dying planet. Explore a big world filled with intricate puzzles, interesting characters and menacing bosses in a beautiful platform adventure that tells a personal story about faith, purpose and the challenge of helping people.

Rugby 20
Rugby 20 gives you the complete rugby experience! With overhauled tactics management, optimised graphics and more realistic player behaviour, the game is a true reflection of modern rugby.

Super Volley Blast
Are you ready to have a blast and become the best volleyball player in the world?

The Office Quest
A comical escape adventure!

Football, Tactics & Glory
It’s an original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG. Create a football team, play matches, earn XP, train skills, learn new classes, upgrade facilities, buy and sell footballers, grow youth, make hard choices. It’s a deep strategy which respects your time.

A long-forgotten species, a hostile planet and a journey of discovery – welcome to the world of Lumini…

FoxyLand 2
Help Foxy and Jennie rescue their pups from the pesky Wolfie Brothers!