Habroxia review for PS Vita, PS4, Switch

Platform: PS Vita
Also on: PS4, Switch
Publisher: Lillymo Games
Developer: Lillymo Games
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

I can?t imagine anyone in the world having a very strong opinion about Habroxia. It?s an incredibly generic side-scrolling shooter that does exactly what you?d expect from that phrase.

Sorry, that?s not entirely accurate: occasionally, your spaceship changes directions, so that instead of going left to right, you?re flying upwards.

Like I said, this game is generic. You have enemies flying in patterns across the screen, some environmental hazards, and a boss fight at the end of each of the 15 levels. Reaching certain levels in Story mode (note: there?s no story to be found) helps you unlock a few other modes, all of which are more or less the same as the main campaign.

The game is pretty unremarkable in other aspects too. Your ship is outfitted with standard weapons, and it controls perfectly fine. The graphics are your standard ship-in-space stuff, and even though the game is a direct descendent of, say, Gradius, that NES game was more visually appealing 30 years ago than Habroxia is today.

And that sentence right there captures the essence of Habroxia. It does exactly the same things that shmups and shooters were doing 30 years ago, only it doesn?t do them in a way that?s anywhere near as interesting.

Lillymo Games provided us with a Habroxia PS Vita code for review purposes.

Grade: C-