Mekabolt review for PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Platform: PS Vita
Also on: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Somepx
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

Should you decide to play Mekabolt, you?re not going to be spending much time with it. I started it on my Vita about an hour and a half ago. After an hour, I got the Platinum Trophy, and kept on going all the way to level 55 or so, at which time the game constantly starting slowed down to the point it became completely unplayable. Slightly discouraged, I started playing the game on my PS4, and this time the Platinum took me less than half an hour (with, thankfully, no apparent slowdown).

So, to review: less than 90 minutes, two Platinums. Yep, this is another Ratalaika Game.

I wouldn?t say that my brief time with Mekabolt is unpleasant. Forgettable, sure, seeing as we?re talking about a retro-looking platformer where the main character doesn?t even seem to have a name, but it?s not bad by any stretch. Its hook — that you have a gun that allows you to turn on and off the various robots that inhabit the world, and you can use them to get from one spot to the next — isn?t going to blow you away, but it?s intuitive enough that you?ll be able to get the hang of it fairly quickly, and it never gets in its own way.

And…I don?t know, that?s pretty much all there is to Mekabolt. It?s not like it contains any hidden depths that reveal themselves the more you play. What you see is exactly what you get, in all its retro-y, pixelated, brightly-coloured glory. At around $5, you?ll get what you pay for, as long as you?re paying for a solidly unspectacular platformer that does its thing with a minimum of fuss.

Ratalaika Games provided us with a Mekabolt PS4/Vita code for review purposes.

Grade: B