The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors gets a new release date, trailer

THE NINJA SAVIORS - Return of the Warriors Logo

Publisher ININ Games announced new release dates for The Ninja Saviors ? Return of the Warriors on PlayStation 4 and Switch today. Coming first to Europe on August 30th, and then North America on October 15th, this remaster of SNES classic beat ?em up The Ninja Warriors looks pretty rad so far, featuring new characters, HD sprites, and other additional features not found in previous versions of the game.

To go along with the announcement, there?s a new six-minute trailer detailing the characters and features that will be found in this version of the game. We?ve also got the full press release attached below, which also highlights these additions and bio entries for the new characters in The Ninja Saviors.

Check out all the info below, and we?ll have a review up in time for the North America launch this October!

The Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warriors Launch Trailer

Stuttgart, Germany; August 22, 2019 ? ININ Games, publishing label of United Games GmbH, today released a new extra-large trailer for THE NINJA SAVIORS – Return of the Warriors and confirmed the launch dates for Europe and North America.

The highly anticipated sequel to the arcade hit will be released in Europe on August 30, and in North America on October 15 on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. The game was originally planned to be released simultaneously in both markets. The reason for the short-term postponement in North America are unforeseen logistical challenges, which could not be solved in time despite intensive efforts. ININ would like to apologize formally to the many fans who are already eagerly waiting to play this masterpiece. As small compensation for a longer wait time, the physical release will contain some extra items that will be revealed later.

THE NINJA SAVIORS - Return of the Warriors Screenshot One

There is more good news: The game will be released as a completely uncut experience in Europe and the US, including the option to change the color of the hit effects to red. It will also include enemies which were not included in the Western Super Nintendo version at that time. An extensive insight into the features and characters is provided by the six-minute XXL trailer which was released today.

The fully revised side-scrolling arcade brawler THE NINJA SAVIORS ? Return of the Warriors features a strong cast of five playable characters and a plethora of individual moves, with two completely new faces joining the team: The small woman-shaped android Yaksha, with telescopic arms performing unpredictable moves and Raiden, a colossal android weighing a whopping 32000 kilograms / 70548 lbs.

Armed with diamond sharp steel, the Ninjas turn their bodies into raging cyclones ? leaping, kicking, and slashing through wave after wave of enemies. Over a total of eight levels, you?ll take on the tyrant Banglar and his henchmen either alone or with a friend. So settle in for a night on the couch with your friends, and reminisce about the golden era of 90s co-op game evenings you know and love.

THE NINJA SAVIORS - Return of the Warriors Screenshot Two

The original developers, TENGO PROJECT, have improved the audio-visuals in every respect, making an already outstanding game even better! Along with 2-player co-op play, TAITO?s latest arcade action masterpiece also offers fans new 16-bit pixel art graphics and animations, the revamped sound of TAITO?s legendary house band ZUNTATA, as well as an online ranking system so that you can compare your skills to fighters from all over the world.

Here are the five android ninjas that will join the battle:

1.       YAKSHA (NEW)

Height: 155 cm , Weight: 50 kg / 110.2 lbs

Tech Type: A small woman-shaped android designed for espionage missions. Makes full use of the expandable flexible arms to perform unpredictable attacks.

YAKSHA Artwork

2.       RAIDEN (NEW)

Height: 400 cm , Weight: 32000 kg / 70547.9 lbs

Heavy-weighted Type: A huge battle android. It can transform into two modes; human-shaped Crusher Mode or Blaster Mode with flying capabilities. Its giant 4 m high body is the source of its absolute strongest power.

RAIDEN Artwork

3.       KUNOICHI

Height: 170 cm , Weight: 65 kg / 143.3 lbs

Balance Type: A woman-shaped android. Agile and specialized in aerial combat. Slashes down enemies with double Kunai knives and the Katana blade on its back.


4.       NINJA

Height: 210 cm , Weight: 700 kg / 1543.2 lbs

Power Type: A giant-scaled android. Slow, but its power compensates for that. Its special abilities are attacks with steel Nunchuks and grabbing throws.

NINJA Artwork


Height: 185 cm, Weight: 100 kg / 220.5 lbs

Speed Type: Excellent in speed, and its strength are attacks that use agility. Swings around with the blades built into its arms and cuts down enemies who approach it.




Pre-orders of the physical edition of THE NINJA SAVIORS ? Return of the Warriors will receive a limited NINJA SAVIORS keychain with a throwing knife look.

In addition to the poster and sticker set, a manual will also be included, just like back in the 1990s. More information on pre-orders can be found here