SEGA remakes their iconic “Genesis Does” commercial for the SEGA Genesis Mini launch

Some of us have been gaming for long enough to remember the original, snarky and catchy “Genesis Does” TV commercials that SEGA released way back in 1990. If you haven’t, make sure to do so right here.

Anyway, to promote the upcoming September 19th, 2019 launch of the SEGA Genesis Mini retro console, Sega has remade the original spot! They don’t bad-mouth Nintendo of course, and there are different games in there, but the general idea and feeling is still in tact. Check out the fun below.

SEGA Genesis Mini | Genesis Does:

SEGA Genesis Mini | Genesis Does

Genesis Does. A simple phrase that threw down the gauntlet against the competition. More than just a catchy slogan that defined the strengths of the SEGA Genesis and its innovative library filled with arcade hits, those two words defined the confidence (and swagger) SEGA personified at a time when the competition was fierce.

30 years later, the SEGA Genesis remains beloved in the hearts of fans the world over. In honor of this remarkable launch, we have reimagined the classic Genesis Does commercial to bring Genesis fans back to the glory days of the 16-bit revolution. This time, however, we’re putting the focus on the powerful line-up of the SEGA Genesis Mini. Watch our new Genesis Does commercial!

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