Ubisoft shows off Watch Dogs: Legion

As rumored (and leaked), Ubisoft did indeed reveal a brand new Watch Dogs title during their big E3 2019 event: Watch Dogs: Legion.

Set in near future London, the new installment is set to do things a bit differently. Instead of focusing on a single hero/protagonist, Watch Dogs: Legion gives players the ability to “Play as Anyone” to help build a resistance against the increasing presence of the authoritarian regime, crime syndicates and more.

See the trailer, a gameplay walkthrough, screens and the announcement below! Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled for a March 6th, 2020 release for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

Watch Dogs: Legion: E3 2019 Official World Premiere Trailer:

Watch Dogs: Legion: E3 2019 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Watch Dogs: Legion: E3 2019 Gameplay Walkthrough:

Watch Dogs: Legion: E3 2019 Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

Watch Dogs: Legion screens:

Today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs: Legion, the newest installment of the blockbuster Watch Dogs franchise will be available worldwide on March 6, 2020 for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X and Windows PC. Watch Dogs: Legion will also launch on the new generation gaming platform, Stadia

In the near future, London is facing its downfall: people are being oppressed by an all-seeing surveillance state, a corrupt private military corporation controls the streets, and a powerful crime syndicate is preying on the most vulnerable. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the player?s mission is to build a resistance to fight back against the emergence of an authoritarian regime.

Thanks to a never-before-seen gameplay innovation created by Ubisoft Toronto*, the studio behind Watch Dogs: Legion, players will have complete freedom to ?Play as Anyone.? Every Londoner in the open world is fully simulated, with a persistent life and backstory, and players can recruit anyone from the entire population into their team. From an MI5 agent to a tough bareknuckle fighter, from a brilliant hacker to an illegal street racer, or from a rising football star to a geriatric grandma, anyone can join the resistance and become the hero of the story.

Every character also has unique gameplay traits, based on their profile. Once they join the team, players choose their class, level them up, and unlock new abilities and upgrades. They can easily swap between them and approach the challenges of the game the way they want using hacking and drones, stealth, melee or combat, lethal or non-lethal.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, the players’ choices have real consequences. If non-lethal force is used, the enemy will attempt to subdue and arrest the player. But if the player shoots to kill, their characters could be wounded or even permanently killed.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, players can even bring their unique team online and team up with their friends in four-player co-op, while sharing their progression between single-player and online.

In addition, Ubisoft announced the Gold, Ultimate and Collector?s Editions** for Watch Dogs: Legion:

  • Gold Edition includes the base game and the Season Pass.
  • Ultimate Edition includes Gold Edition and Ultimate digital content, including four weeks VIP Status to earn experience and currency faster.
  • Collector?s Edition includes the Ultimate Edition plus the LED Ded Coronet Mask Replica, an exclusive Steelbook, a set of three stickers and a recto-verso propaganda poster, all inspired by the game’s universe, and instant access to the mask in-game. Collector?s Edition is exclusive to the Ubisoft Store.

Fans who purchase the Gold, Ultimate or Collector?s editions will be able to get the game up to three days early from the standard release date. Fans who pre-order Watch Dogs Legion will receive access to the Golden King Pack with the ?Uneasy Lies? Mask Skin, the ?Serpent Sisters? Pistol Skin and the ?Lux? Car Skin.

Moreover, Ubicollectibles revealed Watch Dogs: Legion: Resistant of London, its new figurine inspired directly from the world of Watch Dogs. This 26 cm figurine shows a DedSec operative in an iconic pose, wearing either the Winston mask or the King of Hearts mask (as two switchable masks will be included) and stepping defiantly on an Albion mercenary?s helmet as a proud member of London’s resistance. This piece holds a burnt Black Jack flag, the symbol of the city?s decay. On top that, a unique ULC code that unlocks the in-game mask ?King of Hearts? will be included for free.

Watch Dogs: Legion will also be available on Uplay+, Ubisoft?s subscription service for Windows PC. More details on Uplay+ can be found on Uplay.com.***

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For further information about the Watch Dogs Legion Collector?s Editions and Ubicollectibles, please visit our website, store.ubi.com

*Associate studios are Ubisoft Montreal, Paris, Bucharest, Kiev and Newcastle.

**Final content and release dates subject to change. Some features may not be available at launch. Content may be available for purchase and/or as giveaway(s) separately at Ubisoft?s sole discretion at any time.