Minecraft Earth revealed

Augmented Reality games are here to stay, as the ongoing success of titles such as Pok?mon Go have showed us (and hopefully Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will also demonstrate this year).

So taking the still very popular Minecraft into the world of AR totally makes a ton of sense, at least in the context of the announcement video and official website. Minecraft Earth will be available for modern iOS and Android devices and allow players to create, collect, explore and collaborate with others in the real and virtual world.

Those interested can sign up for future beta access (sometime this summer) and also get an exclusive Minecraft skin too. Minecraft Earth will be free to download and play, and there will be no loot boxes — according to the FAQ.

Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer:

Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer

In this first-ever look at Minecraft Earth, discover how the reality-bending, world-blending abilities of AR bring blocks to life! Armed with just your phone and your creativity, you now have the power to Minecraft your world. Learn how at https://minecraft.net/earth