Get an extended look at Left Alive in the latest gameplay trailer

Square Enix is still hyping the heck out of their upcoming “stealth action shooter” title Left Alive, and for good reason. It looks pretty darn great.

Today’s nearly 15 minute long gameplay dump shows off quite a bit of detail from the game, including the trio of main characters, stealthy and strategic gameplay mechanics and more.

Have a look at the new footage below, and also read up on the $160?! limited Mech Edition bundle that will hit retail too. Left Alive launches on March 5th, 2019 for the PS4 and PC/Steam.

LEFT ALIVE | Through the Warzone ? 14 Minutes of Gameplay:

LEFT ALIVE - Through the Warzone – 14 Minutes of Gameplay

SQUARE ENIX today revealed an extended look at the gameplay for the upcoming stealth action shooter LEFT ALIVE, showcasing the variety of gameplay mechanics and strategies available to players.

LEFT ALIVE challenges players to enter a war-torn city of Novo Slava and use their skills to overcome the overwhelming enemy forces against them.

The in-depth video delves into the motivations of each of the three main characters and presents them in different situations. By sneaking through the environment, using crafted traps to avoid confrontation, or facing enemies head-on using powerful weaponry known as Wanzers, players must use every option available and find the best route to survival.

The limited Mech Edition bundle is available for pre-order exclusively from the Square Enix Store for $159.99, and includes the Day One Edition of the game, a Volk Action Figure, Hardback Art Collection, exclusive SteelBook Case, and Collector?s Box. Digital pre-orders are now available through the PlayStation Store and STEAM Store for $59.99. More information is available at: