Sony reveals magical Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle

Itching to get some PS4 4K gaming and pick up the latest and greatest Kingdom Hearts title at the same time? Well come January 29th, 2019 you’re in luck!

Sony and Square Enix this morning revealed the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle which features a custom Kingdom Hearts-themed 1TB PS4 Pro console and a matching DualShock 4 and a retail copy of the Kingdom Hearts III. The Limited Edition bundle will set gamers back $399.99 and will also only be available at Gamestop.

See some product shots and the announcement from the PS Blog below.

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle shots:

It?s just about a month until we embark on another spectacular journey with Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in a magical array of Disney and Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. In anticipation, we?re pleased to announce that the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle will be launching in the U.S. and Canada alongside the game on January 29, 2019.

This bundle includes a fully customized 1TB PS4 Pro system with a special design that features iconic Kingdom Hearts elements, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, a copy of Kingdom Hearts III on Blu-ray disc, and access to PS4 exclusive digital content.

On PS4 Pro, both 4K TV and HD TV owners will benefit from enhanced resolution for a stunningly sharp and detailed look of Sora, his friends, and iconic Disney-Pixar worlds, when compared to a standard PS4 system.