PlayStation Store Update – Chimparty, Fallout 76, Runner3, Spyro Reignited Trilogy

PlayStation-Store-logo_600There’s really an interesting mix of new digital titles queued up to hit PlayStation platforms this week or so. From Fallout 76 and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, to My Riding Stables and Gnomes Garden: New Home… definitely an interesting selection for sure.

There’s a few PlayLink-enabled titles too (requiring a smart device), such as Chimparty, Just Deal With It! and Knowledge Is Power: Decades as well.

Check out the highlights below. See the live listing of the new content on the PS Store, right here.

PS4 ? Digital

Launch, wobble, jump and rotate your chimps using simple and intuitive one-button controls ? just download the free Chimparty app and use your smartphone or tablet as a controller. Chimparty is the newest addition to the PlayLink range of games for PS4.

Emerald Shores
PS4 ? Digital

Emerald Shores is a challenging 16-bit platformer with a bunch of twists. Level up, take on rewarding sidequests, play unique minigames, unlock secret levels, raise a pet monster, fight an optional mega-leveled beast of a boss, and more!

Fallout 76
PS4 ? Digital, Retail (Out 11/14)

Bethesda Game Studios welcome you to Fallout 76, the online prequel where every surviving human is a real person. Work together, or not, to survive. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, experience the largest world ever created in Fallout.

Gnomes Garden: New Home
PS4 ? Digital

Gnomes Garden: New home ? a continuation of the exciting fantasy strategy game about the world of gnomes. Obtain the Crystal of Eternal Light and return prosperity!

Hitman 2
PS4 ? Digital, Retail

Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™ 2. From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world?s most creative assassin, Agent 47 in the ultimate spy thriller story.

Just Deal With It!
PS4 ? Digital

Just Deal With It! on PS4 with PlayLink delivers a whole new twist on five classic card games, locally or on-line. Team up with friends and family, launch attacks, sabotage the competition, and go all in for the win, in this joyous card game party!

Knowledge Is Power: Decades
PS4 ? Digital

Who will be first to scale the Pyramid of Knowledge? Put your pop culture knowledge to the test in this high-energy quiz game show featuring thousands of entertainment-themed questions spanning the last four decades.

The Long Journey Home
PS4 ? Digital (Out 11/14)

When mankind?s first experimental jump drive goes wrong, you and your crew find yourselves trapped on the wrong side of the galaxy. The only way back leads through the vast unknown of outer space. One destination. Endless adventures.

Mars: Chaos Menace
PS4 ? Digital (Out 11/16)

Humanity is terraforming Mars, but chaos and destruction threaten the planet. Battle your way through innumerable hordes of enemies that wish to destroy you and face the most terrible and powerful monsters in the galaxy.

Monkey King: Master of the Clouds
PS4 ? Digital (Out 11/15)

Join Michael Chang, the Monkey King, on his journey through famous landmarks of ancient China and fight off mythical creatures and legends in this classic arcade shooter.

My Riding Stables
PS4 ? Digital, Retail

Make your dreams come true on the stud farm near the old mill: renovate your own riding school, look after your horses and tend the cute little foals. As well as wonderful hacks, working in the stables and caring for the horses, you?ll have plenty of other exciting things to do!

Project Highrise
PS4 ? Digital, Retail

A skyscraper is more than just steel and glass, it?s an intricate ecosystem, full of people that live and work in the building. They become a complex machine that needs your steady hand to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

The Quiet Man
PS4 ? Digital (Out 11/16)

Unravelling within a single night, players take the role of deaf protagonist Dane as he fights his way through a ?soundless? world to discover the motives behind the kidnapping of a songstress from a mysterious masked man.

PS4 ? Digital

The rhythm-music gameplay of Bit.Trip Runner and Runner2 is back! The Timbletot is determined to rid the multiverse of all its love and happiness. CommanderVideo is ready to jump, double-jump, wall-jump, slide-jump, slide, kick, float, drive, fly, and dance his way to victory!

Slayaway Camp: Butcher?s Cut
PS Vita ? Digital (Out 11/15)

A killer puzzle game where you control Skullface, an adorably demented murderer, across hundreds of isometric puzzle levels in a darkly comic homage to 80s horror movies.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy
PS4 ? Digital, Retail

The original roast master is back! Same sick burns, same smoldering attitude, now all scaled up in stunning HD. Rekindle the fire with the original three games, Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto?s Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

Swords & Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
PS4 ? Digital

Take command of mighty Vikings, sly Persians or brutish Demons! Smash your opponent?s base to rubble while defending your own in this action-packed side-scrolling strategy game!

Ticket To Ride
PS4 ? Digital (Out 11/15)

Hop on a train with your friends and family and set off to conquer the railways! Who will be the fastest to set up links between cities and achieve their objectives? Explore the strategies in this iconic board game and get ready to connect more than cities!

PS4 ? Digital (Out 11/15)

Dive into a whole new world of competitive word games with your guide, Amy the Aviator. Use the free Wordhunters smart device App as a game controller to compete in 15 party-play word games suitable for the whole family.