NYCC 2018 Hasbro Transformers Showroom report

I know what you’re thinking… why am I on a video game site looking at photos of Transformers? Is there a new game coming up? Why do I care about transformers? Well, they’re all great questions and the simple answer is that Transformers have played such an important role in pop culture (TV, Movies, Games, Comics, Action Figures), that would seem crazy to not cover a new line of Transformers coming from Hasbro over the next few months.

This past weekend at New York Comic Con, Gaming Age was lucky enough to head over to Hasbro’s offsite showroom to check out their newly announced Transformers Siege: War for Cybertron line as well as Movie Masterpiece Edition of Bumblebee from the upcoming movie of the same name, out this Christmas.

The new Siege line draws its design inspirations from the War For Cybertron games that were released on console a few years back as well as from the original G1 series that aired in the ’80s. This line will consist of different class type Transformers ranging from Battlemasters (small Targetmaster like figures that combine with other weapons and figures) to Deluxe figures like Autobot Sideswipe or Hound, all the way to the Titan Class figure which was teased at their New York Comic Con panel to be Omega Supreme.

Below is just a sampling of some of the figures that will be released under this new line. Please take a look and reach out on our social channels to leave a comment.

Transformers War for Cybertron toy line from NYCC:

Transformers War for Cybertron toy line from New York Comic Con

NYCC 2018 Hasbro Transformers Showroom:

NYCC 2018 Hasbro Transformers Showroom

NYCC 2018 Hasbro Transformers Showroom gallery: