Witness the power of the Just Cause 4 tornado gameplay reveal trailer

Just in time for Gamescom 2018, Square Enix has dropped off a new set of media for Just Cause 4.

The new tornado gameplay reveal trailer is surely the highlight, since the new game will definitely be factoring in some extreme weather to go along with those extreme stunts in the open world sandbox environment.

Take a look at the new media below!

Just Cause 4: Tornado Gameplay Reveal [ESRB]:

Just Cause 4: Tornado Gameplay Reveal [ESRB]

Just Cause 4 screens:

Just Cause 4 is currently scheduled for a December 4th 2018 release for the Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Following a hugely successful announcement at E3 2018, today sees the release of brand new, exclusive gameplay from JUST CAUSE 4. Thanks to the amazingly powerful, new Apex Engine, Avalanche Studios have taken the series signature destruction and incredible physics to a whole new level with the introduction of fully simulated Extreme Weather events.

This new video highlights the sheer power and scale of one of the 4 unique, Extreme Weather simulations in JUST CAUSE 4, the breath-taking Tornado. Players will experience fully physicalized, gigantic Tornados rip through the landscape, send huge pieces of debris spiralling through the air and tear airplanes out of the sky. Once in its path, the trajectory of every object is being calculated in real-time, opening up unique and brand new gameplay opportunities only available in JUST CAUSE 4.

Rico?s grappling hook makes a return in JUST CAUSE 4. Now enhanced with new functionality and fully customisable, it is the most powerful and creative tool the player has ever had. This video highlights some of these key new features including the ability to remotely attach multiple boosters and airlifters to any object in the game.

JUST CAUSE 4 is a landmark entry to the series, releasing December 4th 2018 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.