Retroism to bring Return of Double Dragon to Super NES this summer

The Super Nintendo seems to be getting new life aside from the Super NES Classic System. Retroism, a division of Tommo Inc. with the help of Arc System Works, is bringing out Return of Double Dragon to the actual SNES console. It is a fully licensed ROM on a compatible Super Nintendo Cartridge, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Return of Double Dragon SNES – US SNES Trailer:


?Double Dragon fans reach every corner of the world and we are beyond excited to bring this game to North America again in its original form, a spectacular 16-bit cartridge that fans will love? said, Jonathan Wan, CEO Tommo, Inc. Return of Double Dragon is actually based on the japanese release of what we know as Super Double Dragon for the Super Nintendo. This version of the game was never released in the west and features many improvements over the original release. Some of the changes you can expect are a rearranged soundtrack unique to Japanese version, Two distinctly different heroes with unique moves, drop in co-op and extra stages that were cut from the US release. This release will also be fully translated into English when it becomes available on August 21st!

If you’ve never played Super Double Dragon, the game revolves around Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers who run a martial arts dojo. After their friend Marian disappears, the Lee brothers fight to rescue her. 1 to 2 players control the Lee brothers in a side scrolling beat-em-up battle with the Shadow Warriors over 7 stages. In contrast to previous entries and arcade versions, the Lee brothers arsenal of moves has increased dramatically! You have over 30 special moves you can use to battle the countless enemies that will try to surround and pummel you at every turn. Defeating opponents will fill up a ?power gauge? to perform powerful techniques and make use of the new defense feature to change the tide of battle. The action has never felt more real! In addition to throwable items such as barrels, stones, knives, bombs, and boomerangs, there are real martial art weapons such as the nunchaku and staff to wield in battle. There are also split-level terrain features such as stairways, walls, and crates that you can use to gain the advantage in battle!

Return of Double Dragon SNES screens/art:

This release is one for the classic collector, as there is no digital version for today’s consoles or PC planned. It will be a fully licensed ROM on an actual Super Nintendo Cartridge, shipping complete with cardboard box and manual just like it used to be way back in 1992! So you’ll have to dust off that old Super Nintendo console to be able to enjoy this gem!

The game will ship on a Red colored cartridge (for the first print) and standard grey for those game collecting purists out there. Judging from past 16-Bit releases from Retroism, such as Unholy Night, Return of Double Dragon will be a quality product that any collector will be proud to have on their shelf! You can pre-order your copy now on Amazon and through Retroism’s website, where you can find their many other classic remakes available for the Super Nintendo.