LEGO The Incredibles review for Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Also On: PS4, Xbox One
Publisher: Warner Entertainment
Developer: TT Games
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-2
Online: No

The Incredibles are back for the first time in 14 years and now they?re back in LEGO form! (I know it?s not quite Alf in pog form, but it will have to do.) The Incredibles is one of the most underrated Pixar movies (in my opinion) and looks to be getting its just do with the immediate success of the sequel in theaters. Always the opportunistic one, LEGO is here to cash in on the Incredibles sequel and to make use of the Disney license that they don?t seem to use all that much. My wife and I checked out Incredibles 2 on opening night and my brief review of the movie is; if you enjoyed the first movie, this picks right up where that left off and is one of the best Pixar sequels. Movie love aside, I was eager to check out LEGO Incredibles.

LEGO Incredibles is the first LEGO game to utilize the Disney license and not be a Star Wars or Marvel property, basically first of the animated variety. Playing Incredibles got me immediately excited for what might be to come from future Disney LEGO titles. I should mention I am a huge Disney fanboy, from parks to movies and everywhere in between, so this review might sound bias. As a frequent LEGO reviewer, LEGO Incredibles follows the LEGO game formula and doesn?t vary too much from other titles. The areas where it strays from the norm, are some of the best stuff in this release and had me coming back for more.

Let?s get some of the negativity out of the way; the loading times can be long?very long. We were provided a review copy for the Switch by Warner Entertainment, and upon booting up my save file the game takes its sweet time to load up the open world. I?m really emphasizing this because I thought the game had locked up and was about to force quit the game before it finally loaded, but once it gets past that initial load, the load times are very few and far between (sometimes non-existent). Besides the initial loading time, I don?t have many issues with LEGO Incredibles, but it should be said that if you aren?t a frequent player of LEGO titles this game might feel repetitive fairly quickly. Also a word of warning, the game picks up right at the beginning of Incredibles 2, and while it features stages from both movies, you will have to play through Incredibles 2 first.

Now on with the Disney LEGO magic, LEGO Incredibles takes parts of some of the best LEGO titles and sprinkles in some new ideas to deliver a great release, although a bit short. I understand this title isn?t for my age demographic (even though I?m a child at heart) so the game is a bit easier than other LEGO titles (which aren?t typically hard in the first place) and the levels can be very short at times. Where the game really shines is the open world. Like previous LEGO titles, there?s plenty of missions and collectibles to grab in the open world but LEGO Incredibles introduces some new aspects that kept me coming back for more. Like any good superhero, your job is to stop crime and in LEGO Incredibles, crime is running rampant throughout the city. You will see an indication on the map of a part of town that is under siege (not the Segal movie) and when you make your way to that area you will be tasked with all sorts of do-goodery to bring the area back under control. This new mechanic really works here with the goofy villains and wacky tasks, but would also be perfect in future LEGO Marvel and DC games.

Another new feature to LEGO Incredibles is special group/family building areas. These areas require a new type of game currency/collectible and build much larger objects and buildings. They also build items from other Pixar properties in the open world (Spoilers: other Pixar characters are playable). This family building reminded me a lot of the building in LEGO Dimensions? open worlds. In Dimensions you paid NPCs to put up new buildings and items in the open world and usually had a deeper meaning than just a cosmetic addition. Maybe it?s just the completionist in me, but I wanted to find and unlock all of these family build areas on the map, just what I needed; another collectible in a LEGO game.

LEGO Incredibles is a fun romp through the Incredibles universe and if it wasn?t for Disney Infinity (RIP) I?m sure we would have seen the Incredibles appear in LEGO form sooner. Seeing the other Pixar properties make cameo appearances has me excited to see what LEGO has in store for us next (maybe a Pixar compilation, but I think Toy Story is the safe bet). Regardless of all that, LEGO Incredibles gives a fresh coat to the cookie cutter LEGO genre and has all the charm you would expect from a Pixar property. If you?re a Pixar and LEGO fan this is an INCREDIBLE release (sorry?not sorry) and you should definitely check it out.

Grade: B