Over a dozen PS4 games join $19.99 PlayStation Hits program

It’s about time. Even though experienced shoppers can probably get many of these PS4 greatest hits at a relatively decent price these days, Sony is rolling out an official PlayStation Hits program which kicks off with 15 titles.

The lineup already includes first and 3rd party titles including Bloodborne, inFamous Second Son, Street Fighter V, DOOM, Yakuza 0, Uncharted 4 and more — each of which will set PS4 owners back only $19.99 at retail and on the PlayStation Store. The retail packaging will feature a red packaging/stripe to denote the PlayStation Hits status.

See the details below.

If you missed out on some great PlayStation 4 games that came out a few years ago, we have exciting news! We?re introducing PlayStation Hits, a selection of incredible PS4 games that are easy on the wallet. From award winning epics to family friendly favorites, PlayStation Hits offers an awesome lineup of games for $19.99 USD (MSRP) each on PlayStation Store and select retailers across the U.S. In Canada, PlayStation Hits games will range in price, starting at $19.99 CAD (MSRP) each at participating retailers and PS Store.

At retailers, PlayStation Hits games will come in red packaging instead of our usual blue, and at PS Store the games will have red banners that?ll make it easy for you to identify which games are part of the Hits lineup.

Below are the list of games that will become available in this new program starting June 28 in the U.S. In Canada select titles will be available ? check out the Canadian PlayStation Hits page for details.

We?ll continue to add to the PlayStation Hits lineup, so stay tuned. Let us know which games you?ll be picking up in the comments below. Happy gaming!