Waterfield Designs Arcade Nintendo Switch Gaming Case impressions

Just under a year ago, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch to critical acclaim. As with all portable console releases, we find the need to find the perfect case or protector for our new investment. This is usually no easy task since there ends up being way too many options from so many companies. One of the biggest problems I?ve faced, is simply settling for a case that is simply ok.

The case usually is good enough to protect the consoles but lack any real uniqueness to them. Most have an almost identical design that is a simple cover with the occasional pocket and belt strap. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, I was fortunate enough to find a company that broke that tradition.

Shortly after the launch last year, I found myself refusing to take the Switch out of my house due to a proper case. The idea of carrying a $300 console on the bus was frightful, so to even attempt without a case was madness. I ended up doing more research that I ever had before, and it finally paid off when I heard about Waterfield Designs on Reddit.

I reached out about checking their ?City Slicker? case, which I have impressions for here. This case has been the primary reason, I used my Switch every day on my commute to work. The only thing the case lacked for me, was the design was gears for carrying the Switch with the Joy Cons attached. I personally prefer to use the Pro Control and found no justification to carry it? Until now.

Back in November, Waterfield Designs reached out to me to share the news of a new case called the ?Arcade Gaming Case?. At first, I was skeptical because I was just so comfortable with my ?City Slicker?, the idea of trying out something different didn?t sit well. Then I looked at the press release and saw that the design was different and now had room for not only the console, but a Hori dock (Not included), a slim Waterfield game case (Also not included) and either the Joy Cons with the dock or a PRO CONTROL!

Comparing the two designs, they both embed the signature Waterfield look with a focus on gamers demands, while still providing a higher quality design that is unique and almost boutique like. The Arcade case is shorter in design which makes it feel less cumbersome, and with the different shape, the console and accessories go into different places. Again, if you would like to compare the two designs, you can read my impressions of the ?City Slicker? here.

Both cases are great, in their own way. I?ve had a couple months with the Arcade and have to say, it came in handy back in January, which is when my wife and I purchased our first home. I was making several trips to the new house before we officially moved in for either moving some stuff in or if we had deliveries of furniture or internet services.

This became the perfect opportunity to let me carry my Switch with me, not for a work commute, but to be able to use it at the new house like a console. Despite carrying more than the “CS”, it felt like a more compact piece due to the shorter sides. The Switch itself fits in the outside pocket, unlike the ?CS?, which is why everything simply fits better.

My only real issue with the case, is the need to purchase a game holder, whereas the ?CS? had it built in. Below I have some pictures of each case for comparison.

These cases may not be for everyone, either design wise or cost wise, but for the price, you are getting remarkable protection for you Nintendo Switch and can?t see using anything else. I look forward to using it on my trips to trade shows and conventions in 2018 and beyond.

You can grab one for yourself here.