Crimson Days event coming to Destiny 2 for Valentine’s Day

Bungie is busy getting their communications in gear and simultaneously working hard on the laundry list of Destiny 2 enhancements set for the somewhat near future. They are also putting together special seasonal events such as the new Crimson Days event slated to roll out around Valentine’s Day, February 13th.

During the event players will be able to earn Crimson Engrams (in addition to Illuminated Engrams) while leveling up and Bungie is ensuring that there will be no duplication until the full set is earned. There will once again be the unique 2v2 Crucible Clash playlist, with a new Burnout map and super fast ability recharge rates for those who stick together with their partner. There will be several new rewards to be earned as well including an Undeterred Exotic Sparrow, a Flaunting Dance Emote a Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament for Wardcliff Coil, the Tirastrella Ghost Shell and more! Of course the Tower will be decorated appropriately as well.

See a few shots below of the fun, and head on over to the Bungie blog for more details.

Destiny 2 – Crimson Days event screens: