Familiar faces and a new fighter join the Soulcalibur VI roster

As expected, Bandai Namco is going to drip feed info regarding the Soulcalibur VI roster and earlier today we finally received confirmation of four new fighters.  Today’s official reveal includes Kilik, Nightmare, Xianghua along with newbie Soulcalibur fighterm Gr?h.

See some screens and the intro trailer below! Soulcalibur VI is set for a 2018 release on current gen consoles and the PC.

Soulcalibur VI – Character Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC:

SOULCALIBUR VI - Character Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

The SOULCALIBUR series is home to some of the most iconic characters in the fighting game genre and today we?re excited to announce Kilik, Nightmare, Xianghua, and newcomer Gr?h as the next four characters who are ready to wield their weapons in SOULCALIBUR VI and fight for their place in history.

Soulcalibur VI screens: