Bungie outlines upcoming Destiny 2 changes and plans for the future

Activision and Bungie are letting it be known that they are listening closely to Destiny players regarding the state of Destiny 2 and on the eve of the release of the first DLC, they are outlining what changes we may expect in the near future and beyond.

After the controversial XP gain system was exposed by some diehard players, Bungie is trying to make good at better communicating with fans regarding the game. So this appears to be the first step, giving us all a sneak peak at a number of pretty significant changes which are slated to go live on December 5th and 12th. There will be new systems, better incentives, better rewards and many quality of life updates coming to the Destiny 2 experience in the very near future. Seriously, there’s a ton, so make sure to hit up the official blog for the full rundown.

We’re excited for Destiny 2 – Expansion I: Curse of Osiris (our hands on here) and all of these general game updates (including HDR support), so make sure to check back for our feedback once we get to spend some time with them.