NeverEnd review for PS Vita, PC

Platform: PS Vita
Also On: PC
Publisher: Sometimes You
Developer: Sometimes You
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No
ESRB: E10+

Given that NeverEnd can be had for just a couple of dollars, there’s an argument to be made that its quality is secondary to whether it works. I mean, as long as it doesn’t crash your Vita or corrupt your memory, it has to be worth $3 ($4, if you’re Canadian), right?

Turns out the answer is no.

NeverEnd is a top-down roguelite dungeon crawler, and literally everything about it is terrible. The graphics are hideous, with everything looking like little blocks. The design is awful: you can’t move and wave your weapons at the same time, which means that you need to try and hit your enemies and run away…except the controls are mostly non-responsive, which means you can barely do what the game demands of you. The procedurally-generated dungeons are forgettable, little squares with nondescript features that look pretty much identical to each other.

Oh, and I’m not even sure that it’s a fully functioning game, seeing as one time I went back to NeverEnd and found that my save file was corrupted for no obvious reason.

In other words, NeverEnd looks bad, plays even worse, and doesn’t work like it should. It may not cost much, but it still manages to be overpriced at that low price point on account of the fact it’s abysmal.

Grade: D-