Guardians of the Galaxy “Under Pressure” review for PS4, Xbox One

Platform: PS4
Also On: PC, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: Crowd Play

The Guardians are continuing their journey to figure out what this Eternity Forge is all about in Episode 2 of Telltale?s first Marvel adventure. If you read my review of the first episode (HERE) you know that I had mixed feelings about it and I wasn?t all that impressed with much of it. Episode 2: Under Pressure (Bowie/Queen reference, clearly) builds on the story introduced in the first episode, while also giving you some backstory for Rocket?s origins (which I really enjoyed). I should make one common sense point here before we go any further; I would advise against continuing to read this review if you haven?t finished the first episode, story recap and spoilers are upcoming.

So last we saw our heroes, they had taken down the mad titan, Thanos, who we are to believe is dead. Starlord takes the Eternity Forge from Thanos, which was lucky for him, because the mysterious item brought him back from the dead. Along with somehow healing him from a fatal injury, it has also been presenting him with flashbacks of memories of his mother. But in these memories, everything is not what it seems. So, Under Pressure literally picks up right as Starlord is brought back to life and away we go. Under Pressure does a much better job hooking you into the story, while also giving you some much needed back story. It does leave more questions than answers at points, but that is to be assumed in a multi-episode title like Telltale games.

The action takes a bit of a backseat to help push the story along, and it worked for me. The investigating section of the episode, on the other hand, felt forced and not nearly as well done as the area in the first episode. Outside of that, I really liked where they took the story in Under Pressure and especially enjoyed the side story of Rocket?s origins. The Guardians movies cast a large shadow, and unfortunately this game lives in that shadow, but giving Rocket a backstory (that the movie has yet to do) really helps it stand out and gives it some gravitas. I should also mention the use of Dancing in the Moonlight, was a nice pick and feels like something Peter Gunn might have used in the films.

Under Pressure takes a more serious tone than Tangled Up In Blue and it has far less jokey dialogue options. The Rocket backstory alone makes this episode stand out over the first and the mystery of the Eternity Forge now has me hooked. Couple the improved storytelling with some refreshing cameos and Under Pressure really does a great job of setting the table for the rest of this Telltale adventure. I could use a bit more Groot (who doesn?t love Groot?) but besides that I?m satisfied with Under Pressure and eager to see where they go with Episode 3.

Grade: B