Sega’s new Sonic Forces trailer shows off the custom hero feature

We’re still not sure what we think of Sonic Forces. On one hand, it’s not a bad looking new Sonic the Hedgehog game and Sonic Team is totally involved. On the other hand, it’s a 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game and there’s a little thing known as the “Sonic Cycle”.

Well, either way, Sega dropped off a new Sonic Forces trailer which shows off the character customization feature which actually looks like it could be a whole lot of fun. The custom hero feature gives players quite a few ways of personalizing their Sonic Forces character with various (we’re sure unlockable) accessories such as headgear, footwear, body types (with special abilities) and whatnot. The new video also shows off some classic-style Sonic platforming and brand new gadgets.

Sonic Forces is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and is scheduled for a “winter” release.

Sonic Forces: Custom Hero screens:

Sonic Forces: Custom Hero trailer:

Sonic Forces: Custom Hero Trailer

In a world where Eggman has taken over, even two Sonics will need some help. For the first time in the series’ history, create and play as your own custom character in the war to take back the planet.