Bandai Namco presents the History of TEKKEN in 8-bit

Thank you Bandai Namco for this super awesome retro history lesson of Tekken, told in 8-bit style visuals.

The history of the Tekken storyline over the years (like most fighting games) is sorta convoluted, so the first part of this new TEKKEN Retro Recap video series is perfect for getting us up-to-speed before the launch of Tekken 7 in June.

Have a look at the first part below.

TEKKEN Retro Recap – Part #1:

TEKKEN Retro Recap - Part #1

Catch up on the TEKKEN story with Part #1 of the Official TEKKEN 8-Bit Cinema Retro Recap! Get ready to experience the epic conclusion of the Mishima Saga when TEKKEN 7 releases on PS4, XB1, and PC on June, 2nd.