Waterfield Designs “City Slicker” Nintendo Switch Case impressions

The Nintendo Switch has been out for two weeks or so and one thing I don?t hear many talk about, are the carrying cases. There are plenty of add-ons you can get for your new hybrid console, including an extra dock. For me, the most important accessories were a memory card to expand the internal storage, the Pro Control (which I absolutely love), a screen protector and a travel case.

I was extremely hesitant on the idea of taking the Switch on my work commute once I unboxed it and held it. (See my unboxing here.) If you think about it, the idea of carrying your home console with you and playing it on an express bus is a bit nerve-racking. However, I picked up a screen protector and case combo that my local GameStop had and did some field testing.

After the first day, I was pretty much on the fence with bringing it out anymore due to the lack of protection the case provides. As many on the market, it?s thin, holds the console with very little padding and the idea of the analog sticks being pushed down and potentially misaligned when inside a bag made me regret the purchase.

So, I ended up looking online and found a company called ?Waterfield Designs? being spoken about on Reddit and NeoGAF. The case seemed too good to be true. As I held my existing case, I envisioned slots for the buttons on the joy cons, so they would have breathing room. It seemed like a simple design, but not many used this method.

I reached out to the company to check out one of their cases to see if it could be ?The One?. The case that was sent to me was the ?City Slicker? model. It?s the midrange case that they offer.

Now I must say, this is what a case for this type of hardware should be. It?s made of a high quality ballistic nylon body with a soft liner that is designed the way I envisioned. It has spaces for the joy con buttons so they aren?t being pressed when the case is closed. The case also has a rear mesh pocket and a leather flap. Once you open the case, you have five slots for your Switch games as well.

Something to bear in mind with this type of case is that it isn?t for everyone. Many Switch owners are content with the stock like cases available or have the Breath of the Wild Special edition case, which is huge. To me, when you invest $300 in a console that you are going to carry around, investing in a case like Waterfield Designs? offerings may be the right move.

The City Slicker case costs $79.99 which is a hefty price, especially after recently shelling out $400 plus for everything else. At the same time, the materials that are used to create this high-end case justifies the asking price. In a world where we spend $60 on a digital game, it?s a nice change to have a protective case that should last longer than most generic offerings. It?s made me more comfortable with taking my Switch out of the house. I recommend it.

You can order it here.