LEGO Dimensions – LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack build and impressions

It’s time for the first new story addition of 2017 for LEGO Dimensions, and it’s a good one. The LEGO Batman Movie gets the full story treatment in wave 3 of year 2 Dimensions. Along with the story add-on, this wave includes a Knight Rider Fun Pack and a LEGO Batman Excalibur costume Fun Pack. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. was only able to send me the story pack, so there isn’t a full unboxing video like the past two waves and I don’t have any impressions for these Fun Packs since I haven’t picked them up. In place of the usual unboxing and quick build, I’ve put together a quick build of the portal set and some pictures of the mini figs, as well as the batwing vehicle (with some classic Batman The Animated Series music).

The Story Packs continue to improve on an already great LEGO game; adding more new levels to play, without the need to buy a new starter pack. The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack is unique in that Batman already came with the original starter set, so they had to come up with another mini figure to include. So rather than pick just one character from the movie, they decided to pick two and include both of them for the same price that all the other Story Packs cost. Included is Robin and Batgirl, both sporting costumes and looks from the movie. One of the unique takeaways I had from the mini-figure of Batgirl, is that she has hair to attach to the back of her cowl. As a LEGO collector I hadn’t seen this before and thought this was a cool addition and nice attention to detail. Included in the quick build video is a picture of how Batgirl’s cowl looks.

The LEGO Batman Movie was a wild ride with tons of villains and if you enjoyed the movie you’ll love this Story Pack. The quality of levels are top notch, just like the previous Story Packs released. Some speculation has been swirling recently that LEGO Dimensions could be finished once year 2 wraps. On one hand I hope that’s not the case; I love the mixing of properties and taking characters from all different universes and having them work cooperatively and interact with one another. While on the other hand I know the developer resources could be used to make other great LEGO games. Time will tell where Warner Bros. goes with the Dimensions franchise, but selfishly, I hope they keep turning out awesome sets like this one.

LEGO Dimensions – LEGO Batman Movie build/impressions:

LEGO Dimensions - LEGO Batman Movie build/impressions

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