Get a good look at LawBreakers’ latest gravity-defying FPS action

lawbreakers-logoThanks to a new trailer released to coincide with The Game Awards last night, we got a new look at LawBreakers, Cliffy B. and Boss Key’s very extreme looking new team-based multiplayer shooter.

The game is launching exclusively on Steam, possibly in 2017, though those who wish to beta test the game can do so by signing up at the official site.

LawBreakers – The Game Awards Trailer [Official]:

LawBreakers - The Game Awards Trailer [Official]

See death get delivered from every angle in the latest gameplay trailer from LawBreakers, which reveals a brand new map, and a killer new role. It?s just a small glimpse of what?s in the works for when we begin Beta testing in 2017 featuring new maps, modes, roles and more to master as you compete in unparalleled gravity-defying FPS action.