Watch Dogs 2’s seamless online multiplayer starts rolling out

Watch_Dogs 2_2As we mentioned in our Watch Dogs 2 review, Ubisoft apparently had some issues to contend with when rolling out the seamless multiplayer functionality for the game at launch.  Well, it’s a full week later and it looks like the company is ready to make good on the promise to patch up the problems and get everyone hacking online.

Only the first phase of the seamless multiplayer is now online and available though, with the additional features still slated to come a bit later…  Assuming the first phase goes well of course.

See below for the patch notes and an update from the Ubisoft development team.

The Watch Dogs 2 development team brought the first phase of seamless multiplayer online at 8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST / 5 p.m. CET for Playstation 4 and we anticipate the seamless multiplayer online for Xbox One to be activated by early afternoon PST / evening EST / night CET.

Players will be able to experience the following multiplayer features via the Multiplayer App on your smartphone:

  • Invite friends to co-op or search for new co-op partners
  • Hack into a rival hacker’s world
  • Find targets for Bounty Hunts or trigger a bounty on themselves

During their adventure in San Francisco, if they cause too much chaos in the city and the SFPD starts chasing them, bounty hunters may invade their game to hunt them down. Players will need to fend off rival Prime_Eight hackers who could show up at any time to hack them.

The development team will monitor the online stability of the seamless multiplayer features and should everything continue to run smoothly, the additional elements and final phase of seamless multiplayer will be deployed: Nearby bounty targets and Prime_Eight rivals will join the player?s world for them to hunt down and hack without going through the Multiplayer App in the smartphone. Players will also encounter friendly Dedsec hackers who can help them complete different Dedsec events throughout San Francisco.