New York Comic Con 2016: Cosplay Gallery

img_1366Last week in New York City was the annual New York Comic Con, and as usual there was no shortage of amazing cosplayers walking the show floor. I believe that the Top 5 costumes I saw walking the show floor was:

1. Harley Quinn – I am pretty sure I counted anywhere from 10 to 897 different Harley Quinn outfits

2. Stranger Things Eleven – Ironically enough, the split was about 70/30 in favor of guys dressing as Eleven.

3. Deadpool – Everyone loves the merc with the mouth. I saw business suit deadpool, zombie deadpool, country club deadpool. There was no shortage of deadpool variations on display

4. Dr. Strange (and other Marvel properties). With the movie opening in just a few short weeks, a lot of people jumped on the Dr. Strange bandwagon as well as your usual Spiderman’s and Avengers.

5. Video Games – The gaming sector was represented by some amazing stuff, the least of which was the incredible Overwatch cosplay group (which you can see in the gallery below).

Below you’ll find a sampling of the cosplayers at this years convention, and like me you’ll agree that some of these costumes are pretty incredible.