Ken Griffey Jr. gets back into the game as the MLB The Show 17 cover-athlete

mlb-the-show-17-mvp-edition_boxshotIt has been quite a while since the legendary Ken Griffey Jr. was involved in a baseball videogame, but today, Sony revealed that he will be making a comeback as the official cover-athlete for MLB The Show 17 .

Ken Griffey Jr. will also be playable of course, and there will be several different options for those interested in picking up this year’s installment  including a $59 standard edition, $69 MVP edition, and $99 Hall of Fame and Digital Deluxe editions, all with varying content. There will be some retailer exclusive bonuses too of course.  Amazon already has their pre-order page up at the moment.

See the details for all the editions in the product shots and charts below.  MLB The Show 17 is scheduled for a March 28th, 2017 release.

MLB The Show 17 box art, product details:

For anyone who picked up a baseball glove or a video game controller in the last 25 years, there is no other name more synonymous with baseball in the 90?s and 2000?s than this year?s cover athlete for The Show 17.

Destined for greatness, no player entered the Big League with more hype than the first pick of the 1987 MLB draft, and no player entered baseball?s Hall of Fame with a higher percentage of the vote than ?The Natural.? A legend both on and off the field, ?The Kid? inspired a generation of baseball fans with electric play, a contagious smile, enviable flair, and a swing that?s been imitated but never duplicated for almost three decades.

Thanks to baseball video games, millions of people around the world have become enamored with America?s Pastime. Perhaps nobody will ever be able to re-create Griffey?s signature swing in real life, but we can?t wait to introduce Junior as a playable living legend when the game launches March 28, 2017!