Destiny’s fun, free Festival of the Lost event is returning on October 25th

destiny-festival-of-the-lostOne thing that we really love about Bungie and Destiny is the commitment to fun, free little themed events that pop up throughout the year. Sure, they don’t always add a whole heck of a lot to the game by themselves, but they are always a nice way to attract players back with some unique quests and loot.

Anyway, the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost is set to return on October 25th for all Destiny players (not just those who picked up Rise of Iron, although there will be an exclusive quest there), and players can pick up new treasure including candy, masks, gear, emotes, weapon ornaments, consumables and other stuff.

See the trailer below!

Official Destiny: Festival of the Lost Trailer:

Official Destiny: Festival of the Lost Trailer

“Festival of the Lost,” Destiny’s candy and fun-filled fall holiday celebration returns for a limited time beginning Tuesday, Oct. 25th through Nov. 8th, 2016.

You are invited to explore the newly decorated social spaces and discover the Treasures of the Lost for access to new masks, gear, emotes, consumables, and more. Players can also participate in multiple quest lines, along with an exclusive quest line found in the Iron Temple, the new social space introduced in Rise of Iron.