Prepare for this Titanfall 2 Pilots gameplay trailer

titanfall2_bannerEven though the Titanfall series is supposed to be about big, heavily armed battle-mechs, the nimble and more intelligent pilots apparently need some love too. Which is exactly why the focus of the next official Titanfall 2 trailer is all about them.

Respawn Entertainment dropped some new info onto their blog, including PC specs, and released the new gameplay footage as seen below.

Titanfall 2: Pilots Gameplay Trailer:

Titanfall 2: Pilots Gameplay Trailer

Today, Respawn Entertainment released the new Titanfall 2: Pilots Gameplay Trailer. Learn more about the fastest and most highly skilled predators on the Frontier in the ?Five Reasons to Want to Be a Pilot? blog here.

The five reasons include:

  1. Pilots are an Extension
  2. Pilots are the Future
  3. Pilots are Smarter
  4. Pilots get Tactical
  5. Pilots Know How to Move

Also on the blog today, the team revealed the PC specs, options, benchmarks, and all that Titanfall 2 has to offer on the PC here.