Crash Bandicoot celebrates his 20th anniversary in the latest Skylanders Imaginators trailers

skylanders-imaginators-crash-ps4Now we really feel old… thanks a lot Activision and Crash Bandicoot.

To celebrate Crash’s 20th anniversary, Activision has put together a pair of Skylanders Imaginators videos featuring none other than Naughty Dog’s runnin’, jumpin’ orange marsupial (with an attitude). Of course Naughty Dog has nothing to do with Crash these days, but we still have fond memories of when they did.

Check them both out below.

Official Skylanders Imaginators: Crash Bandicoot 20th Anniversary:

Celebrate Crash Bandicoot 20th Anniversary | Skylanders Imaginators | Skylanders

Official Skylanders Imaginators: Aku Aku + Crash Bandicoot:

Celebrate Aku Aku + Crash Bandicoot | Skylanders Imaginators | Skylanders

Skylanders Imaginators (with and without Crash Bandicoot) launches on October 16th, 2016.