Nintendo eShop Update – Tadpole Treble, 360 Breakout, Ambition of the Slimes

Nintendo_eShop_logoIt’s not the most impressive of  Nintendo eShop Updates this week in terms of brand new digital titles, but there’s a decent variety at least. Especially if you factor in Wave Race 64 as a Virtual Console release for the Wii U, Mega Man X as a 3DS VC title, and the sales/discounts.

Read on for all the details.


This week?s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U
    • Tadpole Treble ? Get ready for a creative adventure as you swim through sheet music and avoid the notes of the game?s catchy soundtrack. Along the way, you?ll encounter massive bosses, fully sung songs and plenty of unlockables, as well as an intuitive full stage/song creation mode using the Wii U GamePad controller.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Wave Race 64 ? Choose one of four characters, each with his or her own unique abilities and style, and master the game?s excellent controls. Make your way through nine courses, each with its own challenges. Take a break from racing to try the Stunt Mode. Polish your skills pulling off handstands, rolls and flips.
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
    • Disney Art Academy ? Demo Version ? In the full version of the game, players can discover their inner artists to capture the stunning visuals of over 80 Disney and Pixar characters. With advice and lessons inspired by Disney art and Pixar animations, they learn to use a bundle of different drawing tools to create Elsa and Olaf from Disney Frozen, characters from Disney Inside Out, or characters like Mickey Mouse. They can even share their creations with their friends. The demo version gives players access to two lessons to try out: Mickey Mouse and Olaf from Disney Frozen. Game and demo in 2D.
  • Virtual Console on New Nintendo 3DS
    • Mega Man X ? Hundreds of years after his death, Dr. Light?s final creation is discovered. Now, the future lies on the brink of destruction and X must use all of his newfound powers and abilities to hunt down the maverick Reploids and their leader, Sigma, before the human race is wiped from the planet.
  • Wii Retail Download
    • Mario Sports Mix ? The game presents four familiar sports ? hockey, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball ? but with a Mario twist. Players can choose from a variety of playable Mushroom Kingdom characters or play as their own Mii characters. In any sport, power-ups can turn the tide of a game in an instant. And in over-the-top Mario sports fashion, each character can unleash a special move.

Nintendo eShop sales:

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